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Easter Tree

Yesterday, March 20th, was the first day of spring and let me tell you... it is TIME for a change of seasons!This year, I got a wild hair and decided to YouTube how to blow Eggs, dye them, and create our very own special DIY Easter Egg Tree.  Warning to all of you: do not do this unless you have tons of time.  I did the project over the course of a few days with my kids semi-watching and they thought the egg blowing and dying were really cool.  I hope you enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime creation.  Now that the project is behind me, I'm so glad we took the time to create it. 

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Breakthrough: a Creative Retreat

I am so thrilled to partner up with my friend, Brooke Ring, for something new we have cooked up: Breakthrough: a Creative Retreat.  The retreat will be held June 14-15, 2019 at Serendipity Labs - 141 Traction Street - Greenville, SC 29611.  I got to know Brooke about seven years ago when she started teaching classes for me at Vino & van Gogh.   Since then, we have both taught loads of art classes, and have both grown in our creative careers. We feel like we have done lots of things right, lots of things wrong, and have a wealth of information to openly share.   Collectively, we have information we wish we had access to at the beginning of our artistic...

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Creative Home Series

I do so many easy, fun, creative things with the children at home, I have decided to start sharing a 'Creative Home' Series on Sundays.  For the first post, I want to share this painting that is probably the piece of art that receives the most commentary from guests when they come over.  It is a 40 x 60 inch canvas that I had the children work on all last summer covered in children's paint, markers, and crayons.  We accidentally left the canvas out in the yard, and the rain created the ghost like effect on the canvas, which I'm crazy about. So if you are looking for a simple, ongoing project at home for little ones, this is easy....

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